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When you are a Solo-entrepreneur or Micro Business, It’s easy to become overwhelmed or completely stuck. You may feel that you are doing it all alone and that set backs are failures rather than lessons. Or maybe you get too focused on working in ‘the everyday’ of your business rather than stepping back and looking at the ‘strategic big picture’ for your business.
Our Group or one-to-one services, training and events are aimed at:

  1. giving you clarity,
  2. keeping you inspired and on track
  3. Getting you more customers
  4. helping you focus on being effective and productive
  5. providing ‘living’ tools and guiding you through a review of your vision, strategy and plan
  6. providing simple yet powerful steps for upping your performance
  7. identifying simple ways to grow your profits
  8. Finding ways for you to have time for what’s important to you,
  9.  Working out practical solutions to your most pressing challenges

Productivity Analysis

We work with you to identify your best days and your worst days. What works and what could be improved. Finding the sweet spots that you can repeat to win more often.

Project/Program Management

Implementing ways of working that bring you clarity, keep you focused, help you deliver on time, to quality and on budget, in every area of your business.

Live Planning

Design and implement practical strategies that work for your business. We give you the tools, help you to create systems, procedures and a living business plan to support you in achieving your Business goals.


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