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Planning for success


By having an actionable plan, monitoring the critical indicators/measures specific to your business and creating goals and a path to succeed, you substantially increase your chances of winning .


We Can Help You Win

As part of our monthly/annual plan, you receive an annual subscription to Live Plan, a living business planning tool that not only guides you through producing a professional Business Plan, integrates financials and produces forecasts, but is also a tool you can use to measure your growth, performance against milestones and create a ‘pitch’ that can be used for marketing, as well as funding applications.

We have monthly strategy sessions, and use Project management techniques (Sprints and Scrum) to keep you focused, clear and motivated towards your goals. 

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Private Online chat support

As a member you receive access to our private Facebook group as well as chat and email support

measurement Tools

You get access to a number of tools (such as Live Plan, Trello and Slack) to support you in measuring your success, managing your projects and progress and planning your strategy for success.

Cloud Services

We use the internet and Cloud Services to host our meetings, to access the tool set we use and to host our membership platform. This is so you can have access to recorded meetings and training, tools and support from wherever you are, whenever you need them.

Block Busting Business sessions

Once a month, you have the opportunity to breakthrough a block or bottleneck in your business by attending a practical Business Block Busting session. You  have a whole day of live support to get you through a block you choose to work with.

Integrating your business

We show you how to use the tools, systems and plans in a way that integrates with your habits and business routines so that you have the information and focus for your business, at your finger tips. 


Try Our Success Process

Research & Analysis

Create a check in point. Analyse where you are, research where your competitiors are and decide where you want to be. We work with you to create a business that works for you.

Roadmap planning

Create a plan for Growth.
Using Live Plan and our support services, we help you create a living Business plan, Goals and objectives you want to achieve and a road map to getting there.

Execute & Monitor

Take the actions outlined in your plan. Create systems, routines, processes and a mindset that supports you in taking the right action. We help you monitor your results

From Our Founder

Make Your Own Opportunities

As a Coach, Trainer and Facilitator to small and Micro Businesses fo over 10 years, there are struggles that Solo-entrepreneurs and Micro-businesses face that I come across repeatedly: the feeling of isolation, not knowing where to go for help, keeping focused, not having a different perspective or someone to challenge them and their ideas, keeping productive and managing time. There are others.

Here are 5 things you can do to begin to tackle the challenges of running your own business….


Pricing Models For Every Need

To keep things simple we offer two pricing models. Our basic model is aimed at Startup businesses while our Pro is aimed at growing businesses who would benefit from working live with other Pro businesses in Mastermind sessions and quarterly strategy retreats.

If you are based in Northumberland you may qualify for funding from the North East Business Support Fund

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